Most domain sales will be processed through our partner – DAN.com – who employ the Adyen payment processor. For domains listed outside of Undeveloped.com, Payoneer.com and Escrow.com will be the preferred medium of exchange. You can find their accepted forms of payment here: https://www.escrow.com/support/faqs/what-forms-of-payment-does-escrowcom-accept. Both service providers charge a fee for their services, which will be paid for by the buyer.

A domain registrar is a company or organization that provides domain registration services for the public (e.g. Namesilo, GoDaddy). Domain registrars operating in the sales of – .com, .net and .org – domains are authorized for service by a governing body known as ICANN – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Sales of country code top level domains (ccTLDs) are overseen by agencies within each country’s respective governments. For example, the Canadian Internet Registry Association (CIRA) serves this role for .ca domains.

Escrow.com is an online, third-party service that acts as a secure middleman in the sales & transfer process. They ensure that the terms & conditions of a sale are upheld by both the buyer and seller. Funds are held by Escrow.com until the terms of the transfer agreement are met, guaranteeing that you receive the domain that you’ve paid for. You can find more information about the service that they offer here: https://www.escrow.com/what-is-escrow

The time to expiration of the domains that we offer varies. As a courtesy, an extra year will be added to pushed domains with less than (3) months to expiration. Domain transfers between registrars typically add an additional year to the life of your domain.

A domain push will be the preferred mode of transferring ownership to you, rather than a domain transfer.

WHOIS is a service offered (by mandate as per ICANN) through all domain registrars which provides information about the registrant of a given domain.

A domain transfer is the process in which a domain moves from one registrar to another. Pushing a domain involves moving a domain from the seller’s account, to the buyer’s account within the same registrar. Pushes are processed instantly, while domain transfers take 1-10+ days, varying per registrars involved.

Ultimately, domains are just like any other asset class, where price is determined at the intersection of supply and demand.  Find out more about the contributing factors here.

Domain transfers to another registrar are typically processed with a day or two once initiated. However, in some (albeit rare) instances, it may take up to a week. Ultimately, the length of time will vary depending on the registrars involved, and the responsiveness of both parties. Once the terms of sale are determined, the process will be initiated by us within (24) hours.

Every domain is sold as-is, with no additional material included. If any domain is promoted with the use of logos, or other materials, they are not to be included in the sale. No hosting, e-mail, or other services are to be included with the sale, though we are happy to provide recommendations for service providers that would best suit your needs.

As soon as the transfer is complete, you become the new owner of the domain. You are then able to use the domain as you please.

Once the domain is transferred to you, and within your possession, you are able to activate WHOIS privacy protection through your registrar. Some registrars will charge an additional, nominal fee for this service.

When confirmation is received that the domain has successfully been transferred to you.

Yes. If you would like to list a domain on our website, please contact us directly.